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Alex prior to being fitted with his Charleywrap

Now Alex requires minimal support to sit nice and straight

Jake prior to his Charleywrap

Jake now

Clinton and his dad: it is virtually impossible to tell that Clinton is wearing his brace.


I'm so pleased with my Charley Wrap! I'm able to wear clothes I never could with that plastic turtle shell thing. And it really does make me feel protected. Thank you sooo much for inventing it.


Kathy, 72, USA

Phoenix now

Phoenix prior to his Charleywrap


I just received Ashley's CharleyWrap, It's pretty amazing, I put it on her and put her in her wheelchair and she's sitting straight up. I'm truly amazed, the skeptic I am, didn't think it would work this well. I hope it can correct her curve, but even if it doesn't it's still invaluable for positioning. It's truly innovative, I think every kiddo without trunk support and/or curve issues should have one!!! I only wish I would have had this when she was a baby... Please let Jenn know we received it, tell her I think she's brilliant, and thank her profusely!


Laurie, USA

Jayden ready to mount up

Elijah prior to his Charleywrap

Elijah now

David sat up in his wheelchair


The CharleyWrap has provided Alex an opportunity to breath easier, sleep in a better position, and maintain better head control and arm function.  It has decreased his bad movement patterns, and made Alex generally easier to handle and position for his family and carers. The photos really do speak for themselves.   

Alex has severe spastic quadriplegia/dystonic cerebral palsy.  He has a ‘C’ spine (Kyphosis) and his ribs are flaring caused by lack of tone in his trunk.  Due to his inability to hold himself up he is unable to maintain head control or have any arm function unless he is in a very supportive piece of equipment (which traditionally would put far too much steel and plastic between me and him!). The only alternative until now was to hold him at his lower back and upper chest, leaving no arms left for me to easily read a book or play with his puppets.  Now with the CharleyWrap, sitting together on the floor or cuddling on the couch, he is in a very functional and secure position.   

We have found the CharleyWrap to be an easy to fit, easy to wash, easy to dry, affordable,  quality piece of equipment.  Alex shows no signs of discomfort wearing it for extended periods of time, and we can clearly see it will make a big difference to maintaining Alex’s physical needs for a comfortable future. 

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Jenn for this ingenious invention, and expect to see it as a household name for physiotherapists and hospitals in the future!










Jake is crooked with his posture. The CharleyWrap has made our son nice and straight! and more upright!!!!

I was actually crying this morning when he headed off to school...what a difference!!!! Even his taxi driver noticed how nice & straight he was. 

I know it's very, very early days, (we got it on the 19th May), but to look like this first use - massive results for us!!! So thank you from all of us here, including family, as this has been an ongoing issue since October and they have been through all the goings on with us...  

Last night when you instructed me on how to put the CharleyWrap on Jake he was upset, but that's normal for having something new, and Jake would have been thinking "what's this I have to wear, something else uncomfy"... but this morning after putting it on and he was in his chair, I asked him how it felt... he gave me his usual massive, lovely smile...

Today is Sunday the 23rd of May. Most Sunday's before Jake was as bad with his scoliosis we would go on our family Sunday drives. That stopped as he couldn't travel due to how he was getting.  It has been a number of months now since we have been able to all go out as a family, but today we were able to do just that!!!!! Jake was fine the whole time, sitting up nice and straight in his chair and not sore.

Many thanks from Jake and all his family...












Clinton is a very brave 9 year old boy with Marfan Syndrome.

This syndrome caused Clinton to develop scoliosis. He was instructed to wear a TLSO brace to attempt to slow the rate of curvature of the spine and delay the need for surgery.

However, like many patients being treated for low truncal tone, he quickly discovered that the TLSO Brace was uncomfortable and embarrassing. He was so unhappy that he started avoiding wearing the brace at altogether, and thus risking a deterioration in his condition.

His parents, wanting to give their son the best possible support for his condition without compromising his quality of life, chanced upon the

After adapting the system to meet the needs of Clinton's special body, a brace was carefully made and trialled.

The results have been inspiring. Clinton can now take his brace on and off by himself; bend down; run; ride a bicycle; and do all the things a 9 year old should be able to do.

The discrete design means that he enjoys the psychological advantage of being treated like every other kid, while the support structure allows him to maintain a strong frame throughout the day without becoming fatigued.

CharleyWrap has truly changed Clinton's and his family's lives for the better.

















Phoenix slumps over to the side. He finds it painful. With the CharleyWrap he feels supported. We also have proof that his curve is improving. The doctor said his back is staying flexible and isn't rigid. Phoenix swears by his Wrap. He only takes it off to shower or sleep. This is his third one.


Margo, NZ


























My original reason for purchasing the Charley Wrap was for hippotherapy (horseback riding) so he could concentrate on reining and turning his head.  He has been riding for about 5 years.  This past fall someone mentioned "rodeo" to him so he had it in his head he was going.  You actually have to have your director's approval to go....in other words, you have to earn your spot on the team.  He worked so hard in class, outside of class, with friends at school, etc.  We did not find out he made the team until the week of the rodeo (Top Hands Horse Show).  We really did not know if he would make it or not, seriously.    I burst into tears when I found out.


He started his first event on Saturday, February 17th, around 8 a.m.  He was to guide his horse around barrels in a weaving fashion as quick as you can.  He got 4th place!  His last event, and most difficult, was Western Equitation, where you follow in a circle around the arena, change directions, start/stop, sit up straight all in a line while a judge comes up and talks to you, then you back your horse up, move it forward, then smile at the judge.  He got 3rd place!


His favorite event was Trail.  This is going over obstacles, around barrels, around cones, going in a chute, backing up, stopping your horse in just the right spot, and most importantly, smile at the judges when you are done and sit up as straight as possible.  He got 1st place!!  Actually, he "buckled," which means he now owns a giant belt buckle with "1st Place Trail" on it.


I want to thank the inspiration for the Charley Wrap again, Ms. Charley herself!  Charley you're a bright light with the gift of helping others achieve their dreams.  It's a Wrap of encouragement, love, and "you can do it," all mixed together.  Thank you, sweet girl.


Tina, USA







Elijah was born with Prune Belly Syndrome - the absence of abdominal muscles and urology abnormalities. As his bladder now up to 20 times the size it should be he started leaning and so did his spine. We had casting and a solid plastic brace made but when we arrived for fitting it didn't fit! A child with nothing to hold his internal organs in place changes shape often. We needed a wrap that was somewhat adjustable, had some give for his changing shape but still enough support for his spine and belly. This is when we heard about Charley Wraps. We approached orthotics and they hesitantly ordered one for the first time.


That was many years ago now and we are about to be measured for our 5th Charley Wrap. Elijah is way more compliant to wearing something that is comfortable and kinda cool. He has been likened to Iron Man with his special suit.









































Wow! We got the wrap today. David can sit in his wheelchair without shoulder straps. :) It is a wonderful thing - I have never seen him sit so straight and his he control is better too. I think he is more comfortable. So much better than the old hard braces. You don't know how much getting the Wrap means to me. I was so tired of trying to hold David back in chairs with straps. And his head control is so much better and he seemed to like it. I think our physiotherapist (Tim) was as excited about it as I was. Thank You Jenn. Because of your love for your daughter you helped my son and now when I take his picture I see his face & beautiful blue eyes.


Supportive device for children with low truncal tone