Charley Supports Ltd

Charley in her wrap

The unique design of the CharleyWrap has enabled our daughter to achieve a degree of independence we had never thought possible. The support offered by the brace is such that Charley is able to: sit in a chair unaided, be propped up with one hand, and sleep without positioning aids.

CharleyWrap does not create pressure sores, and does not restrict breathing.

It is lightweight and comfortable.

Its discrete design means that no-one can even tell it is being worn.

Because the CharleyWrap is not bulky, users are able to continue to use equipment (such as high chairs, standing frames and car seats) without replacements being necessary.

It can eliminate the need for Sleep Systems.

Every aspect of the design has been well thought out - from the choice of fabrics used to the multi function fastening system; to the specific dimensional ratios; and the placement of the boning.


Supportive device for children with low truncal tone